Diogo Dalot believes others can replace Ronaldo.

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Diogo Dalot the right-back of the Portuguese national team believes that. Other players The football team can definitely act as a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, who is suspended.

Portugal defeated Slovakia 1-0 in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group J, on Friday, giving Portugal their fifth win in a row and taking the lead with a winning record UFABET

The next game, Portugal has a home schedule to face Luxembourg. But the team faces problems because Ronaldo was banned for 1 match after accumulating the quota of yellow cards.

“We know [Ronaldo] is an important player. But for sure he will be there to support us and whoever comes on to replace him, that person will definitely help Portugal.” said the right-back from Manchester United.

Diogo Dalot also reflected on his latest game against Slovakia, admitting that it was difficult but satisfied with the victory.

“We know it will be a difficult game. A team that presses well Along with the quality of playing and players who enjoy being on the field. It was clear from the start that they wanted to build their game from the back. We tried to press high and also tried to build on the game from the back.

“It’s a great testament and an important one that we managed to win.”