how to play baccarat should know the vocabulary and various meanings

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If you want to learn How to play baccarat well, the first thing you need to know is the terms and meanings at online casinos. set aside which perhaps some gamblers may overlook the importance of these terms to However, I want you to hold the attitude Do you know that it’s better to wear it on your shoulder? สมัคร UFABET

Dealer Dealer

is a casino employee Stay at the table, play baccarat, act in dealing cards, supervise and supervise Customer bets such as Baccarat dealers, Sic Bo shakers, Roulette spinners. If it’s sexy baccarat Will be a beautiful employee in a bikini, dizzy


Is a baccarat player in some websites, playing baccarat, may use other words such as PUNTO or may use the symbol of “blue” instead

Banker Banker

is the dealer, some websites may be represented by the color “red”. Sometimes called by other terms such as BANCO


mean commission where the player who bets on the banker wins Winning players. Will be deducted a percentage of their winnings, Usually around 5% of their winnings, eg bet on the banker of 100 baht. Resulting in the dealer winning. Players will receive only 95 baht, another 5 baht. Will be deducted from the system. Sometimes it is call the table fee or the fee.


is the house edge rate. This value tells how much the banker has an advantage over the player, indicating that the higher this value, the more the banker has a higher chance of winning than the player. Therefore, choosing to play baccarat may choose a game that has a low value, it is also a good way to play baccarat.


Refers to the round or turn in playing baccarat, for example. A player is playing in round 7, is playing in the 7th round or the 7th turn. The baccarat game has been play or has passed 6 turns or rounds, etc.

SHUFFLE UP shuffles the cards.

is to shuffle or mix the cards, usually in playing baccarat, it appears in the form of changing the deck of cards When changing a new deck, the cards will be arranged in the tray. that looks like a long, transparent box next to the staff who distributes the cards The container in which the playing cards are placed is called a “card.”


Means “shoe” is to shuffle 6 to 7 decks of cards together. for use in playing baccarat, which are all combined to be called Khon


is “on” means the player does not have to draw additional cards. because they are satisfied with the total points


Means to call more cards or draw more when the player is not satisfied with the sum of the cards.


is the face card, which is J Jack, Q Mam, K King


Refers to Pok, that is, the sum of the first 2 cards is 8 or 9. Some players call the sum of these cards as “Pok 8” or “Pok 9”.


Refers to the zero card, the cards are worth 0, which are J, Q, K and 10.


Means the first 2 players’ cards have the same face, such as Ace Pair (AA), King Pair (KK), Mad Pair (QQ), Jack Pair (JJ) and other pairs (2-10). ) called “pair cards”, which can be bet in 2 types: PLAYER PAIR predicts that the first 2 players side cards will be pairs or BANKER PAIR predicts that the first 2 banker cards will be pairs or PERFECT PAIR predicts both Both sides will receive a pair of cards. But it is not necessary to have the same face of cards, for example, the dealer has a face of 5, 5, while the player has a face of J, J, etc.


Read that Lepetite means 8 Pok cards.


Read as “Legrand” means a 9-point poker card.


is a dragon born when the result of losing and winning is always the same, such as blue-blue-blue-blue, etc.


is ping-pong caused by cases where the winning and losing results are switched back and forth continuously, such as red-blue-red-blue like this


Means to predict the outcome of the card that the eye or that round will cause more cards to be called, regardless of which side is the card caller.


Means to predict the outcome of the cards, whether that turn or that round, there will be no more cards being called, regardless of whether any side is calling cards.


is the dealer’s pair means to predict that the first two cards of the dealer will be dealt the same


is the player’s card pair means to predict that the player’s first two cards will be dealt the same card.


is a double card means to predict the first two cards of the dealer and the player will issue the same card But the dealer’s face With the player’s card face doesn’t have to be the same.


is a tie card, also known as STANDOFF, is a prediction that the points of both sides will be the same.