Nev, Kino agree “Manchester City” still favorites over “Arsenal”

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Gary Neville and Roy Keane agree that Manchester City are still favorites for the Premier League title. Above the crowd, Arsenal

City just lost 1-0 to Liverpool last night, while Arsenal beat Leeds United with the same score,

keeping the “guns” away from “Manchester City”. Blue card” to four points after playing 10 games this season,

Neville has commented that City will be on the loose this season. The famous guru still confirmed the same words after last night’s game.

Asked if Manchester City would still win the title at a distance, Neville replied to Sky Sports : “I still think they can. I don’t think today will change anything. This is the game played at Anfield and I think this is the hardest game for City.”

“I still think City can get away, I think Arsenal will still have to come back against Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United and Newcastle, which I think. City can leave This is a different season too. After the World Cup it might change completely from now on.” Keane still views City as

the title winner despite Arsenal’s improvements this season. the UFABET report

The winning side,” he said.

“Arsenal has had a great start this season. But of course the road is still a long way to go. You wouldn’t bet against City, they won last season. And it’s a very strong team.”

“Arsenal developed and strengthened well in the summer. They have momentum, as well as good vibes and energy overflowing at the club. And today they were quite fortunate not to concede a goal from the penalty spot. But you still have to think of it as City.”