Neville emphasizes that ‘overjoyed’ is a serious problem.

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Gary Neville, legendary right back for Manchester United, emphasizes his behavior of over-celebrating wins. It is an important problem, not a joke, and suggests that Arsenal should control their emotions to become the Premier League champions.

Last week, Neville, along with Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand, faced a backlash. Heavy back Because he criticized the Gunners for being overjoyed after defeating Liverpool 3-1.

“Throughout the week many people made jokes. about being overjoyed But it’s a serious problem,” Neville said in the latest episode of the program as Arsenal continued to beat West Ham 6-0.

“From someone who has experienced this, If you use your emotions and too much passion It can cause a waste of energy. Especially when you’re more determined than usual.”

“The game with Bournemouth at the end of last season. Oleksandr Zinchenko shouts joy to fans from inside his car. After 120 minutes of competing, ” ยููฟ่าเบท

If a football player uses emotions like that, Imagine what we can’t see. You can predict the impact. From that rush of feelings ′′ ′

′ When you score a goal. Celebrate with all your heart, but at the end of the race you should treat yourself like a success. And it’s just one game that passes ′′

Arsenal has a great team in every aspect. and closest to Manchester City, but they need to manage the final few months of the season well. And focus on your own work ′′

Liverpool has a great manager as well, but Arsenal has a better team. They are full of passion and energy. which is very good But now we are entering the final round,”

one of the arguments from those who disagreed. Managers of other teams, such as Jurgen Klopp, have also expressed similar joy. Neville compared this to the world of boxing.

“When you think of Floyd Mayweather or Muhammad Ali – both of them… They are boxers who always express their emotions to the fullest.”

“Both are great athletes. And can do that, but Arsenal are not in the same position ′′ “

Arsenal benefits as well. From not being the leader in the table, not having to face pressure and expectations. Therefore, they must firmly hold on to this position. And overtake their opponents at the end ′

′ That’s how Arsenal can become champions, last season I already knew th