Neymar faces two years in prison for corruption and a fine of 10 million

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Neymar, Paris Vance striker Saint-Germain Arriving at the Barcelona Courthouse to fight corruption cases and break the rules Since moving from Santos Came to the city of Bull in 2013

, the 30-year-old center came to the Barcelona Provincial Court. Last Monday morning He was one of nine defendants who had to go to court. including his family and N&N’s company in charge of the transfer. All faced with business corruption cases. the UFABET reports

If convicted, Neymar faces a risk of two years in prison and a fine of more than 10 million euros.

The investigation began in 2015 after Danish company DIS. which holds 40 percent. Of Neymar’s sports rights When he was at home, he sued

Boon Yok, saying the transfer cost 57.1 million euros, but prosecutors believe the transfer cost at least 83 million euros.

The club said they paid 40 million euros to N&N and another 17.1 million euros to Santos. But DIS

claims Neymar, Barcelona and Santos colluded to conceal the actual transfer figure

. Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, while former Santos boss Odilio Rodrigues Fillo was also indicted

. October 27, but did not know that Neymar Will you travel by yourself? Before the decision was made on October 31,

“Neymar Jr. is an accomplice to his own family. and Barcelona which had executives at the time and Santos FC defrauded DIS on legal financial interests,” plaintiff’s attorney Paolo Nasser. revealed last week

DIS has tried to sue over what should have been more than 35 million euros, but the players’ lawyers insist they are innocent, stating that 40 million euros is a legal signing bonus and is normal in football transfers.