van Dijk cheers Kop helped the Swans take down Man City

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Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk says the support of Anfield fans helped them beat Manchester City. 1-0 with Mohamed Salah’s only goal as they became the first team to defeat the reigning champions this season.

The famous Merseyside side have dealt with Erling Haaland, who has already scored 15 goals. The Norwegian striker had only six shots in this game, and

Van Dijk revealed that they used movement and communication to subdue Haaland, adding that the supporters were encouraged by the stadium. Help them in this game.

“That’s what the defenders have to do, keep trying and keep doing it,” he told the UFABET Sports after the game.

“That’s what you have to do in every game. You have to reduce the chance of them getting punished. we did great It’s important to keep a clean sheet. and move on to focus on West Ham.”

“It’s fierce, we run and communicate a lot. It depends on who has more appetite. Today we showed it, it was difficult but good we got the three points, I think it was always intense. As has happened over the years.”

“The first half I think we play well. not very open But we didn’t create many opportunities. In the second half we play more defensive games. But there was a chance until the goal, we won, that’s the most important thing. When something happens in the game The atmosphere on the pitch will help fuel our fire.”

“It started with the hard work we did on the pitch. That is the minimum standard for this magnificent club. We have shown that The energy we can retrieve is essential to moving forward and maintaining an edge. They play a big part in this game. And that’s what we always wanted. Especially after a bad start.”