JK confirms “Jota” to hit the hammer – still doesn’t know

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Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Diogo Jota will miss the game against West Ham United and it is unclear how serious the injury is.

The Portugal international was injured and forced to leave the field. In stoppage time in Liverpool’s win over Manchester City last night,

the 25-year-old has struggled with fitness this season. Having only been in the starting XI only twice,

most recently, Klopp revealed that Jota will miss the game against the Hammers and it is not clear how serious the injury of this player is

. Ogo, in the next game, he was really hurt at that moment. But I still don’t know how serious it is. He’s still sleeping, it doesn’t look good,” he said.

During a post-match interview with UFABET Sports. Klopp was asked about the 25-year-old. While the manager is concerned by the injury, it actually seems to be good news regarding Jota. That’s because he might only miss the game against West Ham on Wednesday.

“We miss the next one with Diogo,” Klopp revealed. “He felt real pain in that moment but I have no idea how bad it is.

“If Diogo stays down it is not good. I saw it on the side on the screen, I am the first who saw it.

Klopp added: “I saw it on the screen next to the stadium. I saw the first When I saw him fall without a strong blow, Little did you see that someone kicked his leg. And on some teams he might stretch beyond 98 minutes, that’s not good for the muscles.